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Our commitment to delivering customer-friendly and top-notch services has positioned us at the forefront of the best used engine suppliers in the US.

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We offer reliable and quality used OEM Auto Parts, Engines and Transmissions.


We provide a standard warranty on all Engines & Transmissions sold by us.

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We strive and fulfill all our customer orders in a timely manner

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We provide competitive pricing on all our products with multiple options to meet your budget.

About Us

At Optimal Auto Parts, we are committed to delivering top-notch used engines, used transmissions, and other used auto parts to our valued customers. We have established ourselves as a trusted and reliable partner through our exceptional services. Our extensive inventory includes the latest choices of used engines, used transmissions, and assorted auto parts, catering to diverse makes and models. Our professional team formulates optimal solutions for you, whether you require a replacement engine or transmission due to a malfunction or seek an enhancement in your vehicle's performance.

We focus on delivering cost-effective automotive solutions and ensuring top-quality used parts are within reach for everyone

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Find the used engines that match your automotive requirements and meet the highest standards of performance and reliability.

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Have Any Questions?

Browse through the most commonly asked questions about used engines from Optimal Auto Parts.

How do you make sure used engines work at Optimal Auto Parts?

We test every engine to ensure it works well before selling it.

Can I trust the mileage info for used engines?

Yes, we check and share accurate mileage information so you know exactly what you're getting

Is there a warranty for used engines?

Absolutely! Every used engine comes with a warranty. Contact us for details.

Will a used engine fit my car?

We provide compatibility information so you can be sure it fits. If you're unsure, just ask our team.

Does the used engine come with any extras?

We list everything that's included. If you have questions, feel free to ask our team for details.